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NLP Practitioner English

12 days
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‘If you change to the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’

Dr. Wayne Dyer


How do you perceive the world? How do you react to things, people, events, and/or emotions? Learning NLP principles and models will help you create better relationships, change limiting beliefs, integrate conflicts, heal problem memories, dramatically improve your health, learn faster and figure out how to be more successful at almost anything you do. How is this possible? Because NLP offers practical skills to better understand yourself and others, be happier in your life, and to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s al about you! Welcome to NLP Practitioner!


Master of your states and emotions

NLP stands for: Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Sometimes this raises questions. “Are you being (re-)programmed?” “What do our neurons have to do with it?” “Linguistic… is it all about language? Well, what’s in a name. NLP Practitioner is about how you register, filter, store and then respond to the countless stimuli that continuously come to you. How you represent something to yourself, how does this influence your mood and how does your mood ‘colour’ your behavior. If you know how to influence your mood positively, then your behavior and the results will be more in line with what you really want.


Closer to your goals

Did you know that 95% of our behaviour is determined by subconscious patterns and habits? NLP offers a look behind the scenes of human behavior into these patterns and strategies that you usually, often unconsciously, pull out every time. Whether they have the desired effect or not. Through experiential exercises you learn to recognize these patterns and strategies and how to “overwrite” them with a more effective strategy if they are not effective. This automatically gives you a better understanding of the effect of your behavior on others. If you recognize and acknowledge what actually happens in communication, you can anticipate and your communication will be more in line with who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

Voor wie is deze training?

For anyone interested in personal growth, curious about what else is there, looking for the best version of themselves, who dares to look in the mirror and face his or her reflection to take new steps forward in life. By experiencing what works for you, you come to new insights that you can apply at work, in your relationships, family and practically everywhere. An education that will be of great benefit to you in all contexts of your life.


Want to meet first?

Before the start of the NLP Practitioner English, an NLP Information Evening will take place. During this free information evening you will experience what NLP can do for you. You will be introduced to the trainers and you will receive concrete information about the content of the training.


What is covered during the NLP Practitioner training?


  • switch from the ‘effect’ to the ‘cause’
  • neurological Levels
  • NLP Communication model
  • sensory acuity
  • language patterns
  • strategies
  • NLP presuppositions
  • managing healthy and effective states
  • anchoring
  • changing (your limiting) beliefs
  • non-functional emotions

Extra informatie

Find out more about what’s included and other helpful tidbits below. If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service team.

  • 12 days + 2 evenings at our location in Limmen
  • training by International Certified NLP Trainers and Assistant Trainers
  • training manual
  • great lunch and fruit, coffee, tea, water and treats all day long
  • free access to the local fitness school
  • free parking
  • training in a green, relaxing environment in Limmen
  • no previous education is required to follow this training
  • after following this training, the student receives a recognized NV NLP and IA HNLP / Hypnosis certificate.
  • you form an intervision group with a number of group members, where you can practice the exercises between the blocks and exchange experiences. On average, this is 1 evening per block, approximately 1.5 hours.

Practitioner English start 1 November 2022

Block 1 Tue 1 November 2022 to wed 2 November 2022

Block 2 Tue 6 December 2022 to wed 7 December 2022

Block 3 Tue 17 January 2023 to wed 18 January 2023

Block 4 Mon 13 February 2023 to Tue 14 February 2023

Block 5 Thu 16 March 2023 to Fri 17 March 2023

Block 6 Thu 20 April 2023 to Fri 21 April 2023


Practitioner English start November 23 2023

Block 1 Thu November 23, 2023 to Fri November 24, 2023

Block 2 Mon December 4, 2023 to Tue December 5, 2023

Block 3 Thu 25 January 2024 to Fri 26 January 2024

Block 4 Thu February 29, 2024 to Fri March 1, 2024

Block 5 Thu 21 March 2024 to Fri 22 March 2024

Block 6 Thu April 18, 2024 to Fri April 19, 2024

NTI NLP @WORK – Eigen vermogen van mensen en organisaties vergroten


Gelukkige werknemers zijn de beste werknemers… maar hoe zorg je ervoor dat ze gelukkig zijn én blijven? Aandacht hebben voor hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling kan een groot verschil maken. Niet alleen door te focussen op de hard skills zodat zij nog beter worden in hun vak, maar ook door hen te laten kijken naar wie zij écht zijn om het beste uit zichzelf te halen.

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